Your Marketing should match your Millennial

With the fastest growing home buyers being the Millennial generation, it only makes sense to advertise properties in a way that appeals to the customer. Here are some quick facts on our up and coming home buyers.

#1 Millennial's make up 66% of first-time home buyers.

#2 The median household income for home owners 26 and younger is $82,000 and the average student loan debt for the same group is $25,000.

#3 Millennial's are expected to keep the housing market strong in the next decade.

#4 44% of all home buyers, bought homes they found on the internet.

#5 84% found online information to be a crucial part of their housing search.

#6 Houses with aerial photographs sell 68% faster than properties with just standard images.

#7 Real Estate listings that include a video receive over 400% more inquiries than those without videos.

#8 70% of homeowners prefer to list with a Real Estate agent who utilizes professional photography and video marketing to advertise their home.

#9 73% of Millennial's prefer to buy a starter home.

#10 87% of Millennial buyers purchased their home through a Real Estate agent or Broker.

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