Why Stellar Photos are a must in Real Estate Marketing

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

You know how competitive real estate can be. One quick Google search is all it takes to overwhelm a potential buyer with dozens of properties (and agents) to choose from.

So how do you get your listings to stand out in a crowd?

According to experts, 100% of humans respond to visuals in a way that is extremely powerful.The right Real Estate photograph can build excitement , anticipation , and ultimately influence the buyers decision.

Selling more homes is about creating a compelling vision, for the future home buyer. Your prospect isn't just thinking about spending 450K on a three bedroom with a pool, they are envisioning their lifestyle in the future, who they will become when they live in it. Professional photographs are a must, they offer up the first glimpse into that vision.

Pros of hiring a professional photographer

  1. Your properties will sell faster – Professionally taken photos have been proven to sell homes at least 32% faster. Just think about what that could mean for your bottom line.

  2. They know how to make every room look awesome – Some rooms can be small and tricky to photograph. Other rooms can be plain and lacking in depth. A professional will know how to work with any space and make the most of it. They’re trained to have a critical eye and can use lighting, angles and staging in ways you never imagined.

  3. They have specialized equipment and software – Professional photographers will have the camera, lenses and lighting equipment to handle any challenges a property may bring their way. They can also enhance the photos to make them look extra awesome through expert editing.

Cons of taking the photos yourself

  1. Image quality – Unless you’ve had some photography training, you won’t be able to get the same image quality that a professional would. You just won’t.

  2. Takes time away from your other tasks – This is the killer. Yes, taking the photographs yourself means you’ll have the end product quicker, but it also means that you’ll have to set aside some time for the shoot and editing your photos—time that could be spent following up with your database and closing more deals.

So give me a call and let me take the hassle out of marketing your next listing, Bradley's Digital Imaging can set you apart from the crowd. Professional photography, Matterport 3D, and Drone photography and video.

*Article source: Follow Up Boss *Photo : Bradley's Digital Imaging

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