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(National Association of Realtors)

Nearly half of all potential buyers rely on recommendations from a friend, a neighbor, or a relative when choosing their realtor. According to NAR statistics, only 12% of buyers opt for agents they’ve worked with before. Does this mean that they have more faith in other people’s judgments or it’s just a matter of having bad experiences? Make sure you make a great first impression.

(National Association of Realtors)

Clients also need help when negotiating a price. About 25% of buyers rely on an agent to negotiate terms of sale or get a better price. If you think your main goal is to sell the neighborhood to the buyer and explain the benefits of a certain area, you’re wasting your time. Only 1% of buyers want to learn more about the neighborhood from the agent. Most of them have probably already done the research and gone through commercial real estate statistics beforehand.

(National Association of Realtors)

In order to be good at their jobs, realtors need to stay mobile. Because of that, the biggest chunk of their money goes to vehicle expenses – $1,370, according to US national real estate statistics. This is a lot when you consider the fact that agents with two or less years of experience earn a median gross income of $9,300. That means that almost half of their earnings go to business spending.

(National Association of Realtors)

When they decide to buy a home, most people (87%) first turn to a real estate agent. Buyers who decide to contact homeowners directly are rare. In more than half the cases, they already know the person they’re buying from. The remaining 6% choose to buy directly from the builder.

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