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In today's Real Estate market, any advantage you can bring to the table over another listing is a good thing. With all the homes that a customer has to choose from, giving the property that you are trying to sell an advantage over the house down the street is essential. Having the home prepped when your photographer shows up , makes a world of difference in the end result of how the property will photograph and show.

Curb appeal- Perhaps the most important factor of a property, and most certainly the first thing your customer see's. Having the landscape maintenanced, lawn mowed and watered (Green) all the weeds pulled and an overall "clean" feel to the front of the home goes a long way on how the customer will perceive the condition of the home, and how it will photograph. Remove all unnecessary items: hoses, sprinklers, trash cans, basketball hoops and toys, and definitely remove any sign of pets. Fido may be part of your family, but some people do not feel the same about animals.

Interior- A clean and non-cluttered home photographs 1,000 % better than the home that was not cleaned and prepped and rushed to market. In the end this factor translates to DOLLARS ! It will have effect on the bottom line selling price. A clean organized space will photograph well. You don't want potential buyers looking at photos that have yesterday's dishes in the sink and the weeks laundry on your bedroom floor. Remove all clutter, family pictures, cords and surge protectors, waste baskets, toys, and again, any sign of pets. Make beds, and just generally clean EVERYTHING.

The list of things to do is endless and can be a daunting challenge for some, but in the end is well worth the time and effort and will affect the homes selling price and days on market.

I have a good general list of things to do before photography and can provide it to a customer upon request. Beautiful photographs are a MUST! I can help you with this! Call me now, Quality photography at a price you can afford. (970)310-6979

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Article: Brad Behn Photo: Bradley's Digital Imaging

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