Open Houses you say ?.. A real solution for Realtors !

As most people are trying to carry on with life in a normal fashion (as normal as can be) so is the Real Estate industry. One look at the local statistics for home sales, supply and demand, and you would never know we are in the middle of a serious pandemic. Thanks to modern technology everything seems to move along as normal.

The days of inviting as many people as possible to an open house, freshly cleaned and ready to view on a Saturday morning are fading into the past. It just doesn't seem to be ethical (or legal) to meet with a bunch of excited home buyers, frantically looking for that "perfect home". Not to mention the sellers concern of infected people trudging through their home.

Intro the solution !! A long used, tried and true method of showcasing a home. Matterport 3D Showcase. I know some of you will say: My photographer does videos, or I do video walkthroughs with my cell phone, or my photographer video interviews me while I state the facts about the property. This is all well and good, but, no match for the effectiveness of Matterport 3D interactive tours.

You see, a potential buyer does not want to have to pause a video, and re-start watching it to get a second look at the kitchen, or wait, was that a fireplace? Wait did it have hardwood in the entry? Stop! Re-wind !

With Matterport 3D, your potential buyer can take their time, look around and walk through the home at their own pace, as if they were really there! Need to know the size of a room? Want to see if Grandmas antique hutch will fit in the dining room? Not a problem, use the measuring tool to accurately measure any feature in the home. Need a floor plan? Yes it has that too, as well as a 3 dimensional dollhouse view of the entire home. Your customer can also enjoy a video walk through, that plays with touch of the mouse.

This is the ONLY real solution to having an open house. A 24/7 open house, easily shared with anyone on any device. MLS approved and social media is a no brainer! I am a certified Matterport service provider and can answer any questions you might have. This is the future of Real Estate! Call me now and see what Matterport can do for you! Check out this tour we did for a local builder !!


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