Drone Photography

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Drone photography and video are the latest in Real Estate marketing, making a splash on most all of your social media sites, Realtor sites and local print magazines (Homes and Land). This new tool, known in the profession as a UAV, (unmanned aerial vehicle) is giving buyers, sellers and agents luxurious views of properties seldom seen without the use of expensive aircraft. With these new drones hitting the scene at an alarming pace, the FAA has stepped in and required all drone operators that fly for commercial (getting paid) use, must be certified and licensed. Enter FAA part 107, the regulations for drone pilots and drones weighing less than 55 pounds. As a part 107 certified pilot myself, I can see the importance of these regulations, and would encourage anyone operating commercially to obtain a license. Equally, the importance of hiring a licensed and insured drone pilot to photograph or video a property that you are selling, can be the difference between success and disaster. Your friend Joe, with his brand new drone, fresh out of the box, may be able to get pictures and video for you for next to nothing, but what will the cost be when he accidentally crashes into the neighboring property owners new car? or worse his wife? Take the extra time(and money) to research and find a licensed operator. We pride ourselves in safety and properly operating and maintaining a drone and have hundreds of hours devoted to our UAV's.

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